by Kate on June 6, 2012

scramble-with-friendsHow addictive is my personality? Very. Forget my daily need for chocolate or my new-found love of romantic time travel novels (yes, of course, I, a lover of great literature am embarrassed to admit this) or my compulsion to have the room in perfect order and the dishes put away before I can even begin to work. These are minor blips compared to the attraction I have to Scramble with Friends. Blame it on my daughter Annie, who beats me every time. She started it…We used to often sit down at the breakfast table and play Boggle, but Boggle has gone the way of the VCR. Plus, once you get the speedy gratification of touch that the iPhone or the iPad allow, you can’t go back. We tried once and were so bored we could barely control ourselves.

I play when I wake up and sit with my morning coffee, I play to reward myself after doing some arduous bit of work, I play while I am waiting for my children at dance at sporting events, at half time, outside of school. I play while the pasta is boiling. My goal is that some day I will give Annie a game. It hasn’t happened yet, but we love playing each other anyway. When she’s in school I have found strangers on the internet who I play. There are some that I stick with—”ClassyinCali,” and “Tony Camaro,” (who could not love a guy with that name?) and the “old football coach”— because we give each other a good game. Sometimes I win, sometimes they do, but we’re always competitive. I don’t continue play with folks who are really low scoring or really high scoring, although I’m amused by those who suck for two rounds and then come up with a ridiculously high score on the third and last round. I am like a teenager with text when it comes to this game and it is driving my youngest teenager crazy. Payback, baby, is what I’m thinking. But she’s like, ‘Mom I need you to pay attention to ME. Mom I need you to listen to me!’”

She has little experience with being ignored. Not surprisingly, she has no patience for it either. Combine that with the fact that I am often playing with her sister and we are both ignoring her and it’s escalates her ire to mad levels. Her frustration has even inspired a new title for our game…she’ll come home and see us both looking down at our screens and say, “Are you two playing Scramble with Assholes, again!?”

So that’s our new name for it. And the addiction list goes like this: morning coffee,
tidy up, Scramble with Assholes, dark chocolate.

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Your Prill October 17, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Another entertaining read. I wish I could be a new friend player for you but I’m not even quite “a player”. When I do , i’ll find you.

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