by Kate on September 21, 2009

clotheslineIs there a mother on the planet who has not earned this degree? I am late on doing this blog entry because beyond the three features stories that I’m working on this week, I have had to pick up Emmy, Sierra And Lena from soccer practice, drive Annie home from volleyball practice, take Annie to her friends house so she and friend and friend’s dad could go to a Boys Like Girls concert. Talk with the parents of her friend who I have not yet met. Drive one hour in a carpool to Em’s Saturday morning game. Take Annie to King Soopers to get a gift card for Alex’s b-day party. Take her to Alex’s house. Find Alex’s house. Talk to Alex’s parents, who I have not yet met. Pick apples for the apple crisp I am making for Rosh Hashanah desert. Help Emmy and her adorable friend Ana with their script for the social studies projects on Indians in Fiji. This in the midst of my daily calls to mom, my ongoing fight with the bank over the cutting of my credit line, bill paying, green smoothie making, because I am trying to come up with something healthy that both of my children will have before they head off to school in the morning. I recycle, I compost, I vacuum, and I dust and clean the toilets. I am hoping to work on fundraising projects for a girls’ school in Tanzania. I invite the teachers we love over for dinner. Mr. Cummings doesn’t eat meat so I bag the meatloaf menu I had planned and make homemade pesto. I am trying to keep up with the people I love. I try to make my mother laugh every day when I call her at the nursing home .I write my friend Judy a gratitude list every morning. I fold and do the laundry almost daily. I try to be amused by life’s ongoing non-matching sock problem. I am also on a first name basis with Court at the post office, with any one of the six or so women who do accounting for the magazines I write for. I can call my ob-gyn’s nurse and get in at any time. I can call the wife and my dear friend of our pediatrician at any time and get a direct route, prescription, and sympathetic ear from the man himself. I have an endless Rolodex of moms who will help out when I’m away and my ex can’t pick up the girls. I am a whiz at travel planning on Orbitz and car rental on Hotwire. I know how to get the cheapest ski passes in Colorado. I take my daughter into Boulder for her Crossing The River class that’s a prerequisite for her bat mitzvah, which I support her in though I am a non-believer, and which I will plan every single inch of (not to mention pay my half of the bill). I am writing a thank-you note to my sweet and beautiful friend Eliza who left a bouquet of lilies on my porch because she knew I was stressed out about my boyfriend and the fact that we have lived thousands of miles apart for four years and I can’t take it anymore. I am not unique in any way. Every mom I know has some variation of this list that they juggle weekly. My friend Ana is a partner in a Denver law firm and recruited her secretary, as well as his husband, to find and procure the perfect flan for Fiesta Day at her son’s school. P.S. She bought three flans, and the kids ate half of one so now she has a freezer full of flan. My friend Kate gets up every morning and makes three breakfasts for her three boys. One of them involves pancakes with ears and a face. We have taken multi-tasking to a new high and e-mail and cell phones only make us more efficient and neurotic than we already are. We are all completely crazy and still having problems with the word “no.” My boyfriend, the one who lives a zillion miles away keeps telling me that I have to cut down what I do by 20 percent. He’s right of course but I have never figured out HOW to do it. He also says (and bless him for this) that I should not call it a Masters in Minutiae because that’s demeaning what we do. He says mothers should all earn a masters for their work in executive management, because that’s the job we have. I think we should not only earn this degree but also receive presents for earning it. I’m thinking a pedicure and a rather large gift card at Target.

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mcbvincent September 22, 2009 at 7:22 am

This is my favorite so far =)

Susan September 22, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Amen to that sister!

Amy September 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Kate, I can relate! My ex-husband just moved 20 miles away and has no cell phone service which makes juggling my 4-year-old’s schedule (today is “blue” day at pre-K but no one told me), the babysitter (who won’t do laundry), my job (don’t ask), and all the rest even almost unmanageable. I hope you can catch a break soon. Give me a call when you are climbing the walls!


Iris Bourne September 23, 2009 at 11:15 pm

“Masters in executive managment”, love it! That’s what we do, too bad the pay sucks, you’d be a millionare by now…..hang in there, you are a great mom!!

Iris Bourne December 10, 2009 at 11:59 pm

ok I keep checking no new entries, I so look forward to reading your stories, and rereading them… the pic of you and your daughters, how beautiful they are, but of course they look like you!! Hope you have a great holiday season. xx

Alexandra April 27, 2011 at 9:33 am


We are all so beautiful in this regard.

Alexandra April 27, 2011 at 9:33 am

Am putting you on my blogroll, b/c I have fallen in love with your style here.

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